PS02-1000 Single User Handwash Station 16 gal

PS02-1000 Single User Handwash Station 16 gal
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Product Description

PS02-1000 / PS02-1000 Single User Handwash Station 16 gal This sink fits most brands of portable restrooms. Ground Shipping Only. Usually due to our various distribution centers located aross the U.S., delivery usually only takes 2-3 business days. Note: In certain geographical areas of the USA, a warning decal, "Not for Drinking or Cooking" is required. This sink is supplied with PC-000782 Warning Decal, which is located directly below the faucet. It is suggested that this decal be replaced if it becomes damaged or worn out. All materials, including resin, pigments and additives used to make the plastic components as well as the plumbing components that come in contact with the fresh water supply are U.S. Government Food & Drug Administration (FDA) food grade compliant materials. Click here for Product Instruction, Parts List and Drawing,


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