Lyght Power Systems Transfer Switches 50 Amp Transfer Switch

Lyght Power Systems Transfer Switches 50 Amp Transfer Switch
Item# 95-LPT50MRD
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Product Description

The LPT50MRD Automatic Transfer Switch is designed to provide automotive selection between two sources of power, such as a shore cord and a generator. The LPT50MRD can switch 60 amps 120VAC or 30 amps 240VAC is provided with generator start up delay. The LPT50MRD is designed with DC coiled relays to reduce hum and terminal blocks simplify wire connections.

Maximum Service: The LPT50MRD is designed for use in a circuit capable of delivering not more than 5000A rms symmetrical, 300V maximum, when protected by a circuit breaker rated not more than 50 amps. The system load shall not exceed 40A inductive, 50A resistive or a combination there of.

Gen actuated, Two 110VDC coiled relays, 30 amp per pole 2-hot 30 amp max 2-neutral 30 amp max 1-hot 60 amp max 1-neutral 60 amp max

8"Tall X 11"Wide X 4" Deep

Replaces 4-TS50

Warranty Terms: 1 Year


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