Solid State AC to DC converter with 45 Amp maximum output

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Solid State AC to DC converter with 45 Amp maximum output

Filtered DC power with quiet operation, in a compact and lightweight design.

Provides ultra-clean DC power, enabling electrical systems to meet the sophisticated requirements of today.

The well-filtered power is free from "spikes" or "surges" which can hinder electrical systems and accessories. Bright, flicker-free lighting and smooth operation of DC accessories are two obvious benefits of this clean DC power source. The 7400 Series converter also minimizes signal interference with televisions and radios.

7400 Series converter power is as quiet as it is clean. The whisper quiet operation is a vast improvement in the humming noise traditionally associated with converters.

Parallax solid state converters also serve as fully regulated two-step battery chargers.


Voltage: 120 VAC

Frequency: 60 Hz

Watts: 660 Watts


Voltage: 12 VDC

Current: 45 Amps

Charge Rate Up To: 45 Amps


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