Horizontal Series RV Waterproof Panel

Horizontal Series RV Waterproof Panel
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Product Description

Horizontal Series Waterproof Panel

New compact labels minimize panel space requirements. Includes set of 60 common DC labels.

NOTE: Waterproof Panel Labels are not back lightable. The features of a superior electrical panel: Waterproof panel mount fuse holders accept commonly available AGC (Fast Acting) and MDL (Slow Blow) 1.25" x .25" glass fuses.

Countersunk mounting holes throughout. Heavy 1/8" Aluminum Material. Two-Part Polyurethane Slate Gray finish. Waterproof Contura switches.

"ON" indicating LED's embedded in switch. Waterproof mounting gasket. Mil-Spec Chemical Treatment via immersion to protect every surface detail from corrosion. All components waterproof from panel front. Completely wired and ready to install.


Switch Rating 20 Amperes maximum

Switch LED Amperage 18 Milliamperes each

Fuse Holder Rating 20 Amperes maximum

Panel Cumulative Rating 45 Amperes

Voltage Panel front marked for 12 Volts

Switch Positions 4

Dimensions 3.75" H x 9.37" W


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