12 Volt .100" Orifice Inline Filter Shut Off Valve

12 Volt .100" Orifice Inline Filter Shut Off Valve
Item# 79-AFC15212
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Product Description

12 Volt .100" Orifice Inline Filter Shut Off Valve

Engineered for small engine (RV & Marine) applications.

Features and Specifications: Rated working pressure, 312 PSI. 100,000 cycle tested. Lightweight, compact design features filter and shut-off valve in one unit. Mounts directly onto regulator inlet. High performance filteration capability with replaceable filter. Resin impregnated cellulose element rated at 40 micron nominal. Bonded ceramic magnet traps fine metallic particles. Ambient temp rating -40F to +250F. Rated for fuel, air, and other media. Orifice size .100". Superior quality construction, corrosion resistant - solid brass, plated steel, and anodized aluminum. All valves are date coded. Every unit 100% tested for low/high pressure leaks and dielectric breakdown. Easy installation - 1/4" male pipe outlet. Safety Rated


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