BatteryMINDer® Model 12248

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Product Description

Model 12248 is a 3-stage Constant Current - Constant voltage - Float mode charger –maintainer-desulphator (conditioner) that extends both the performance and life of all type / size / brands of 12-Volt batteries. These include all maintenance-free, marine-RV deep cycle, Gel, AGM “dry” types, as well as “spiral wound” constructed sealed types such as Optima, Odyssey, Exide, Interstate brands, Concord. Push-button selector for AGM, Gel and Flooded (filler caps) types ensures 100% compliance with all leading battery manufacturer’s specifications. The BatteryMINDer® automatically dissolves power-robbing sulphation crystals using safe, low voltage, high frequency U.S. Patented pulse technology. We guarantee to significantly increase both your battery’s life and performance or we will refund 100% of your money within one (1) full year. This is in addition to our five (5) year “no hassle” warranty.


Safely charges 70% - 200% faster than any/all known conventional constant voltage chargers. Guaranteed 100% full charge to ALL TYPE / SIZE / BRAND 12-Volt batteries, without ever overcharging them.

Maximizes cycle life and performance of all three (3) types* of lead-acid storage batteries, regardless of size / type / brand.

Push button selectable type and charge rates for all size / type / brands of 12- Volt batteries, including flooded (filler caps), sealed Absorb Glass Mat (AGM), Gel, Interstate, Exide & Optima branded “spiral-cell” constructed “dry” batteries.

3 Stage (constant current bulk- constant voltage absorption-pulse width modulated float) ensures 100% full charge capacity of all battery types.

Full Time random sweep desulphation**.Desulphates faster and more effectively than any known charger or stand-alone desulphator-conditioner.

Spark-proof, short circuit, reverse polarity and over-temperature protected.

Automatically detects defective batteries and rejects them.

Polarity reversal-Error indicator.

Auto-reset thermal breaker (protects both battery and charger under abnormal conditions such as a shorted cell and /or excessively high ambient temperatures) Manual override for maintenance- desulphation only long term storage mode.

Rejects a damaged or open cell (shorted) battery. Watertight enclosure with conformal-coated protected circuitry.

Extremely light weight (2 lbs.) – compact size- 5.5” x 5.5” x 2.25”.

Portable or OnBoard mountable.

Built-in battery condition indicators: detect and display charge level modes, charge retention and existence of sulphation.

Automatic temperature compensation w/ optional battery temperature sensor. Sensor can be used to detect and adjust charger’s output voltage depending on temperature, extending battery life and performance by more than 100%***.

1 year 100% Money back Guarantee plus 5 year “no hassle” warranty.


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