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With up to 85% of the 70 million new 12 volt storage batteries made each year, destined to die before they should, a new product* has come to the rescue.

BatteryMINDer is the first of a new generation of "Computer-On-A-Chip" technology. It conditions "sulphated" batteries as well as automatically charging any type 12 volt storage battery without ever over-charging. Dubbed the charger with a "brain," it is believed to be the first charger of its kind to reverse the primary cause of early battery failure known as "sulphation". "Sulphation" batteries that were once considered beyond recovery can now be brought back to long-term useful condition.


Two stage Pulse Charging mode charges, maintains and conditions up to 4 batteries of similar type, including sealed-maintenance free, gell, and deep-cycle marine. Polarity Reversal/Short Circuit/Over-temperature protection. 12 foot output cord with Qwik Connect/Disconnect battery clips and ring terminal assemblies. PulseMode button switch allows user to de-sulfate batteries anytime, even when battery is installed in vehicle. Charge indicator-show correct connections plus "Blinks" when battery reaches full charge and is being conditioned.


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