55 amp Switch-Mode Wfco RV Converter

55 amp Switch-Mode Wfco RV Converter
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Product Description

55 amp Switch-Mode Converter

The innovative switch-mode power converter from WFCO contains a built-in microprocessor for high-tech performance providing a clean, regulated 12 VDC output for all appliances sensitive to the current. The microprocessor provides three modes of control: Quick Boost provides a 14.4 volt charge for four hours. The Normal Mode is preset at 13.6 volts. The Storage Mode is preset at 13.2 volts with a 20 Microboost timer to assist in preventing sulfating of the batteries.


Voltage: 120 VAC

Frequency: 60 Hz


Voltage: 12 VDC

Current: 55 Amps

Charge Rate Up To: 55 Amps


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