25 Amp Wall Mount Wfco RV Converter

25 Amp Wall Mount Wfco RV Converter
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Product Description

25 Amp Wall Mount Converter

Clean, constant 12 volt DC power

Nominal 13.6 VDC. Eliminates need for "filter" circuits whether or not the battery is installed in the RV.

Reverse battery protection.

Prevents permanent damage from incorrect battery hook-up.

Automatically Cooling Fan

Operates only under high load conditions-normally not during sleeping hours or when power demand is low. More sleeping comfort.

Electronic current limiting.

Automatically shuts down power during overload or short circuit conditions. Automatically returns to normal operation after condition is corrected. No more hassle replacing fuses or resetting circuit breakers.

Fast recharge rate. Depending on battery condition and 12 volt load.

Durable performance

Four 12 VDC circuits (one battery circuit). Main circuit and up to two 120 VAC circuits. Metal hinged door with positive locking mechanism.

AC Breaker Information:

AC Breaker Specification: MAX 20 Amps 120V/240 V 1 pole or poles. Current Interrupting Rating Max. RMS SYM. Amperes 10,000 AT 120/240 VOLTS AC.

AC Breaker Manufacture:

1: "T & B" Type: TB or TBBD. 2: "SIEMENS" Type: QP

DC Fuse Information:

DC Fuse use only Littelfuse. Type 257 fuse, Compliance UL 67 DC Fuse MAX. 30 Amps


Voltage: 120 VAC

Frequency: 60 Hz


Voltage: 12 VDC

Current: 25 Amps

Charge Rate Up To: 25 Amps


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