18 Position 45 Amp Wfco Converter w/Distribution Panel

18 Position 45 Amp Wfco Converter w/Distribution Panel
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Product Description

18 Position 45 Amp Converter w/Distribution Panel

Wall mount with door. Max 4 branch circuits with use of duplex breaker.

The WF8945-18 45 amp Electronic Switch Mode converter/charger with distribution panel has a 30 amp main load center with 18 DC fuse slots. Each 12 VDC circuit also has LED lights which would indicate an open circuit. This panel does not include any AC or DC breakers or fuses. The AC box will hold up to three single or double breakers. The DC side uses ATC type fuses. 45 amp electronic converter can put all 45 amps to battery if there is no draw from other equipment.


Voltage: 120 VAC

Current: 11 Amps

Frequency: 60 Hz


Voltage: 12 VDC

Current: 45 Amps

Charge Rate Up To: 45 Amps

Discontinued. No Longer Avaliable


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