RC 7 Remote with Gen Start and 25' Cable

RC 7 Remote with Gen Start and 25' Cable
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Product Description

RC 7 Remote with Gen Start and 25' Cable


Exclusively designed for use with the RV Series inverter/chargers, RC remotes dramatically expand system features and functions. Acting like a fuel gauge in your RV, the RC7 remote provides complete system monitoring and displays all DC current going in or out of the battery bank. Upgrading to the RC7/GS remote adds programmable automatic generator starting capabilities.

Features: Inverter on/off control and system set up. LCD text displays battery fuel gauge information: Run time remaining at the present load levels. Time required for recharging the battery. Battery voltage. DC amps AC voltage and amps. LED status display of fault conditions and charger stage. Automatic generator starting function. Generator starting lockout for quiet time.


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