Enviro-Safe™ Oil Charge 3

Enviro-Safe™ Oil Charge 3
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Product Description

Enviro-Safe™ Oil Charge 3

Enviro-Safe™ Oil Charge 3 is an oil formulation blended of selected oils that allow our oil charge to be used in air conditioning systems that contain Pag-Ester-Mineral oils. Enviro-Safe™ Oil Charge 3 is safe for all air conditioning systems and provides the extra oil needed when air conditioning units lose oil charge due to leaks or malfunction in the system. Enviro-Safe™ Oil Charge 3 will provide extra protection against extreme pressures, friction related heat and the high wear conditions all compressors possess. As with any Enviro-Safe™ product, should you ever have a question or concern, we have personnel to assist you toll free! Contact Enviro-Safe™ for assistance with your application.


Shake can well before use.

Install can tap valve and charging hose.

Invert can.

Install charging hose on low pressure side.

Turn on compressor.

Open charging valve on low pressure side. Install desired amount of oil into system. Discard empty can according to the rules and regulations for disposal in your area.


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