Enviro-Safe™ Stop Leak

Enviro-Safe™ Stop Leak
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Product Description

Enviro-Safe™ Stop Leak

Finally...a way to minimize the costly repairs on your auto air conditioner. Each and every year it is common to replace the list refrigerant that leaks out over the winter months. This procedure is very costly and annoying and adds to the negligible affects to our environment with global warming.

Many leaks in the automotive air conditioner occur within the o-rings and seals areas. As o-rings and seals age, the materials begin to crack and shrink. Deterioration is the natural tendency of rubber and the heat from the engine exacerbates the deterioration.

Enviro-Safe™ Stop Leak is a formula of additives developed to aid in the restoration and reconditioning of the rubber and silicone seal and o-ring qualities. Enviro-Safe™ Stop Leak will coat the seals and o-rings making them pliable again. After treatment, a swelling will also be noted within the seals and o-rings therefore eliminating most common refrigerant leaks. Enviro-Safe™ Stop Leak is an inexpensive answer to stop those small leaks.Enviro-Safe™ Stop Leak is available in 4 oz aerosol containers with the same cap used with Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerant. The service technician will use the same equipment for installation, no extra cost is involved to use.

This product is compatible with systems containing mineral, ester, and pag oil. DO NOT USE with ammonia refrigerant products.


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