2,000 lbs. A-JACK

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Product Description

2,000 lbs. A-JACK

2000 pound capacity.

Our powerful jacks features: Ultra-quiet motor and gear assembly. Very low current drain. Limit switch stops the motor when fully extended to ensure safe operation and reduces wear and tear of gear and motor. Built-in Utility Light for Convenient Evening Use. Resettable Circuit Breaker that eliminates need for replacing fuses. ADTH A-JACK power jacks are built to last. The motor and metal gears are protected with a durable weatherproofed cover. The tubes come with a layer of corrosion resistant finish. Other features include: Large diameter foot pad. 18" stroke. White color powerhead. In case of power failure, a manual Hand Crank is included in the package so you can still operate in emergency situations.


Maximum Weight: 2000 lbs.


Extended: 18 Inches


Weight: 21 lbs.


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