Scanstrut Standard Junction Box - IP66 - 5 Screw Terminals

Scanstrut Standard Junction Box - IP66 - 5 Screw Terminals
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Product Description

Standard Junction Box
The "fit and forget" Junction Box is the perfect sailing accessory for anyone planning boat maintenance.

Providing secure, watertight connections for marine electrical cables onboard any boat, they are manufactured from a glass reinforced plastic and provide capacity for up to 8 cables to enter the box.


  • The 'Standard' box provides 5 screw-down terminals
  • Wateright Installation - Cables are quickly routed into the box through an IP66 elastomeric membrane, guaranteeing protection against water ingress.
  • Mounting Bracket Included - Boxes can be fitted directly to the required mounting surface. A surface mounting bracket is also included to allow removal of the box for inspection if necessary.
  • IP66,but what does it mean? IP66 is usually a rating of outdoor equipment and it defines the equipment’s ability to keep out foreign objects. The “IP” stands for Ingress (the act of entering) Protection. The first numerical digit (in this case being 6) describes the rating that is given for solid objects. The rating of 1, the lowest rating, defines the entering objects being greater than 50mm. The rating of 6, the highest rating, means the camera would be dust tight. The second numerical digit (again in this instance a 6) defines how well the equipment can keep liquids out. The rating of 1 means no special protection at all. The rating of 8, the highest rating, meaning the equipment would be suitable for continuous submersion in water.


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