200 Amp Battery Isolator Relay

200 Amp Battery Isolator Relay
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Product Description

200 Amp Battery Isolator Relay

Specifically designed to be used to isolate two battery systems. In this application, these relays are required to operate with almost no voltage across their contacts and carry currents ranging from milliamps to hundreds of amps. These relays have been designed and are built to meet these demanding conditions.

The 200 amp Isolator Relay is designed for heavier duty applications.

The Isolator Relay provides a simple, reliable and cost effective means of isolating two battery systems. It is installed between the two batteries, connecting them together for charging. The 200 amp version is not a continuous duty unit and requires an Isolator - diesel controller to prevent it from over-heating when it is used for continuous duty.

A momentary, dash-mounted switch can also be added to provide a "jump start" for the engine, from the auxilliary battery.

The relay contacts must close and provide a low resistance without the benefit of any arcing for cleaning. To be sure these relays can perform under these harsh conditions, the contacts are protected with a unique antioxidant coating.

In a jump start environment, the relay may have to deliver the full starting current of the engine. These relays, with their heavy construction, can easily deliver the needed current.

The Isolator Relays are ignition protected, so they can safely be mounted in a convenient place near the battery. They can be mounted in any orientation and are immune to harsh shake and vibration found in the vehicle environment.


Nominal Actuation Voltage 12 Volts

Actuation Current 5.6 Amps

Continuous Duty Yes

Minimum Actuation Voltage 9 volts

Maximum Continuous Carry Current 200 Amps

Maximum Short Term Current (30 Sec) 1200 Amps

Maximum Ambient Temperature 85C

Minimum Ambient Temperature -40C

Contact Life at Full Load Minimum of 10,000 Cycles


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