12 Volt Battery Guard System

12 Volt Battery Guard System
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Product Description

12 Volt Battery Guard System

INTELLITEC'S BATTERY GUARD system prevents "dead batteries" by disconnecting the battery before it is completely drained and cannot start the vehicle. It is designed to be used in vehicles with 12 volt electrical systems. The system consists of an Intellitec Battery Disconnect Relay, the Battery Guard Controller, and the dash mounted Battery Guard Reset Switch with LED indicator.

The heart of the system is the unique Battery Disconnect Relay (US Patented #4,628,289) that has been used by the RV industry for over seven years. This rugged, latching relay is capable of carrying heavy vehicle currents even though it requires no power to maintain its open or closed positions.


Low Voltage Sensing - Battery Guard senses the battery voltage to determine condition of charge. When the voltage is less than 12.0 volts for four minutes, the battery will be disconnected.

Dash Mount Reset Switch - When the battery has been disconnected, it can be reconnected by pressing the Battery Guard Reset Switch.

Disconnect Indicator - The Switch LED will blink to indicate that the battery has been disconnected. Automatic Re-connect - When the voltage rises above 13.0 volts, as with a "jump start" or connection of a charger, the battery will automatically be re-connected. Ignition Override - When the ignition switch is turned on, the unit will not disconnect the battery, regardless of the voltage level.

System Test Switch - There is a "Test" switch on the Controller that allows testing of the completed installation.

Disconnect Bypass - A terminal on the Controller provides constant battery power to the radio or phone memory, or as a solar panel connection.

Includes relay, wiring, and hardware needed to install.

New Installations Requires 1 of the following:

FORD 00-00317-100 DODGE 00-00317-200 GM 00-00317-300


Continuous Carry Current 100 Amps Standby Current Less than 1 Milliamp


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