12 V with Auxilliary Start Battery Separators Sure Power Model 1315

12 V with Auxilliary Start Battery Separators Sure Power Model 1315
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Product Description

12 V with Auxilliary Start Battery Separators

MODEL 1315 charges primary and auxiliary battery after either battery has reached 13.2V. This model is particularly useful for motorhomes or other vehicles which are equipped with an auxiliary battery charger, generator, invertor or solar charger.

SIMPLE INSTALLATION Connects to primary battery, auxiliary battery and ground. Absolutely no system modifications are necessary. Model 1315 work with any type of 12V negative ground charging system 100 amps or less.

MULTIPLE BATTERY CHARGING The Battery Separator allows multiple batteries to be charged from one charging source (usually, but not necessarily an alternator). When the batteries are not being charged, the Battery Separator separates or isolates the batteries.

PRIORITIZED CHARGING The Battery Separator waits until the battery connected to the active charging source reaches approximately 13.2V before paralleling and charging the remaining batteries. The system disconnects at approximately 12.8V.

PREVENTS CHARGING SYSTEM OVERLOAD If the current requirements are greater than the charging source can produce, the Battery Separator will automatically separate the batteries, thus directing all available charge current to the battery directly connected to the charging source. The system will then reset and re-attempt charging the auxiliary battery. A time delay prevents false switching. START ASSIST FEATURE An optional input from the key switch or a manual switch will program the Battery Separator to parallel the batteries during starting. This feature will only engage if the auxiliary battery has sufficient power available to assist in starting.

UNIVERSALLY SUITED for mounting on tow vehicle or towable. VOLTAGE SPIKES generated by the coil of the solenoid are absorbed by protective circuitry built into the Battery Separator.


V Turn On 13.2 V Typical

V Turn Off 12.8 V Typical

Continuous Current 100 A

Peak Maximum 400 A

Operating Temperature Control -40C to 85C Solenoid -28C to 48C

Charge Priority

Bi-directional (either battery charging will activate unit).

Optional start input: Starting Volt greater than 3 V. Start assist lamp output 250mA maximum.


Battery connection 5/16" stud Ground, start, lamp 1/4" spade (fast on terminals)


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