Inteli-Power 9100® Series TCMS® Charge Wizard® for Gell Cell

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Product Description

Inteli-Power 9100® Series TCMS® Charge Wizard® for Gell Cell

Plug in a TCMS® Charge Wizard®

A powerful microprocessor that "automates" everything!

The intelligent way to charge batteries!

What is TCMS (Total Charging Management Sytem)? It allows for the addition of Progressive Dynamics' Charge Wizard, a powerful MICROPROCESSOR that turns your Inteli-Power Converter into an intelligent, completely automatic 12 Volt charging system. It constantly monitors your RV battery voltage and then selects one of 4 operating models to properly maintain or recharge the RV battery.

BOOST MODE (14.4V) rapidly returns battery to 90% full charge in as little as 3 hours then automatically activates NORMAL MODE (13.6V) to safely complete the charge. The STORAGE MODE (13.2V) automatically activates after 30 hours of non-use of the 12 Volt electrical system reducing battery gassing and water usage while maintaining the charge. In the Storage Mode, Charge Wizard automatically switches to the EQUALIZING MODE (14.4V) for 15 minutes every 21 hours to mix up battery electrolytes and prevent battery stratification and the resulting problems of battery sulfation, your battery's number one enemy.

The TCMS® connector allows all 9100 Series Converter/Chargers to easily interface with the Intellitec Energy Management System to reduce AC power requirements. This feature automatically shuts down the converter preventing nuisance tripping of the 30 Amp main breaker when too many appliances are operating simultaneously. The converter automatically returns to normal operation once the total AC power load is reduced.


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