White Bunk Light with Switch

White Bunk Light with Switch
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Product Description

White Bunk Light with Switch

Our newest trendsetting 12 volt, single lens incandescent light design grace fully blends well with any ceiling surface. The slim profile is also ideal for low head clearance applications.


Optional bunk light Power Port available on all lights for added convenience. Large lens and patented reflector design delivers excellent illumination. Snap-out lens design for quick bulb changes. Heat resistant, high impact polymer frame and lenses minimizes accidental damage. Full bulb sockets for positive electrical contact.


Switch 2 position

Frame Heat-resistant, high impact polymer.

Bulbs #1141 Automotive

Candle Power 21

Amps 1.44

Voltage 12VDC

Clip-on bunk light, with built-in power cord, gives illumination to dimly lit areas.

Plugs into stand-alone Power Port or 790 series light with integral Power Port. Perfect for pop-up campers, trailers, coaches...any unit with a 12 volt system.


Volts: 12 VDC


Brightness: 21 Lumens


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