Ivory 12 Volt RV Wall Mount Bullet Light

Ivory 12 Volt RV Wall Mount Bullet Light
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Product Description

Ivory Bullet Light

This original, high intensity Bullet Light has been the standard for directional lighting in the Marine and R.V. Industry since 1969. Full 75 extension and 300 rotation makes it ideal for closeup reading or other meticulous functions.

Pre-wired and color coded. Complete with switch for easy installation.

Full bulb socket for positive electrical contact.

Uses 33-107076 Bulb

Metal reflector enhances light and dissipates heat.

Highest bulb intensity for a directional light on the market today.

Meets all R.V.I.A. standards.

Maximum extension: 5" L x 3.375" W x 5.375" H Tilted Out.


Volts: 12 VDC


Brightness: 21 Lumens


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