10 Watt Unbreakable Solar Modules

10 Watt Unbreakable Solar Modules
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Product Description

10 Watt Unbreakable Solar Modules

The Go Power! DURAlites are an unbreakable, non-glass panel available in three sizes. With high output crystalline cells, they feature 50% more power for the area than flexible thin-film modules. This makes them ideal for vehicle or boat battery charging, and remote instrumentation.

Designed for mobile power users, these slim, lightweight, portable solar chargers are available in 5, 10, and 20 W. They offer almost double the power of conventional thin-film solar panels, and testing has revealed that the output from the blue-crystalline cells of the DURAlite Solar Chargers surpassed the performance criteria of larger solar panels of the same wattage.

Unlike permanent solar options installed on RVs and boats, DURAlite Solar Chargers can be put out in the sun to charge a battery and then stored for later use. DURAlite’s are made from a laminate of fiberglass and sunlight resistant polyester film and are virtually unbreakable. Mobile power retailers can now access this exciting market with a quality, rugged solar solution for their laptops, video cameras, cell phones and VHF radios.

Go Power! DURAlites Blue Series are easy to mount to any flat surface, with grommets in each corner. Complete with built-in blocking diode and 10’ pigtail leads.


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