2500 Watt AC Power Inverter with High Surge Capability and 3-Stage Charger

2500 Watt AC Power Inverter with High Surge Capability and 3-Stage Charger
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Product Description

2500 Watt AC Power Inverter with High Surge Capability and 3-Stage Charger

Freedom Combi 25 operates using a 24-volt input and supplies AC power for a variety of applications operated from your boat, RV, truck, or work vehicle. They each provide automatic transfer switching between inverter power and incoming AC power. For inverter/charger control and basic system monitoring, use the 24 Volt Freedom Remote. For advanced battery monitoring and remote control, systems can be paired with optional Link instrumentation.

Product Features:

2500-watt continuous output with 5200-watt surge, 65 amp automatic charger. Three stage battery charger recharges batteries quickly and accurately. Temperature sensitive charging provides optimal care of all types of deep cycle batteries. Built-in transfer switch automatically transfers between inverter power and incoming AC power. Power sharing prevents source AC input circuit breaker from tripping.

Protection Features:

Over voltage and under voltage protection. Overload protection. Over temperature protection. Circuit breaker protection. Accessories: Compatible with 24 V Freedom Remote and Link instrumentation.

Electrical Specifications - Inverters:

Output power (continuous) 2500 W Surge rating 5200 W Output frequency regulation 0.05% @ 60 Hz Inverter voltage regulation 120 V +/- 5% true RMS Output wave form Modified sine wave Efficiency 86% Peak efficiency 94% No load current draw (idle mode) 0.06 A AC output connections Single AC input connections Dual AC transfer switch 30 A

Electrical Specifications - Charger:

Charge rate 65 A DC AC input voltage range 90 - 130 VAC Battery voltage (nominal) 24 VDC Battery voltage range 20 - 31 VDC Low battery cut-out 20.0 VDC AC input (maximum charge mode) 27 A AC Bulk charge voltage 28.8 VDC Float charge voltage 27.0 VDC Equalize charge voltage 32.6 VDC Charge control 3-stage Battery type settings Wet / Gel Equalization Yes Temperature sensitive charging Yes, optional TC 2+2 temperature sensor


Range: 120 VAC Current: 27 Amps


Frequency: 60 Hz Power: 2500 Watts


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