2 STAGE Fiarview RV Gas Regulator JR Products

2 STAGE Fiarview RV Gas  Regulator JR Products
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Now made by JR Products. Same as the Fairview Model. #9950

The first stage features a large arm design that improves both the efficiency and regulation. Combines with the second state regulator, the over-all performance assures a smooth and continuous flow of gas to all appliances. SPECIFICATIONS: Zinc Die Cast Fabric reinforced high pressure and second stage diaphram. Underwriters Laboratories Listed 2nd stage relief mechanism per U.L. 144. Mounting holes 3-1/2" on center. BTU capacity (propane) 160,000 BTU/HR Inlet 1/4" FPT Outlet 3/8" FPT Dimensions: 5-1/4"l x 3-1/8"w x 2-5/8"d Weight: 1.09


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