Wireless Remote Control Extension Cord

Wireless Remote Control Extension Cord
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Wireless Remote Control

Wireless Remote Control Extension Cord

Make life easier with this wireless remote control. Turn on household lights with this remote when pulling into your drive, turn on lights when it turns dark from your easy chair, turn on the porch light when someone turns up your drive so they won't have to see in the dark. This control has a 60' transmission range. Signal passes through doors and walls. Signal extends in all directions, no need to point the remote control. Battery included.

The outdoor weatherproof Woods Remote Control Outlet turns appliances on and off from up to 60-feet away. Control your outdoor security lights or holiday decorations from inside your home or car. The signal travels through walls, windows and doors. This outdoor weatherproof Woods Remote Control Outlet kit is quick to install with tool-free set-up, and is easy-to-operate by the simple touch of a button. The Woods Wireless Remote Control With 3-Conductor Outlet features durable, weatherproof construction that is rain-tight for outdoor applications, 6-inch cord and is compatible with 3-wire plugs. This remote kit includes one receiver with a space-saving grounded outlet, one transmitter and a 12-volt battery. The remote unit can be attached to your keychain, carried in a purse or placed in your glove box. The Woods 32555 is compatible with common incandescent or fluorescent light fixtures. It is CFL ready, LED compatible and UL certified for quality assurance. Woods Outdoor Weatherproof Wireless Remote Control with 3-Conductor Outlet, Black, 32555: Control outdoor lights and animated holiday decorations with a push of a button from inside your home or car using the Woods Wireless Remote Control With 3-Conductor Outlet Great for holiday and security lighting, seasonal displays or floodlights, so you can arrive to a safe and secure home Fast, tool-free set-up The Black Wireless Remote Outlet, 32555 includes 1 weatherproof receiver, 1 transmitter and one 12-volt A-23 battery 315Mhz Frequency Ratings: 125-volt / 13-amp, 1625-watt Resistive / 8-amp, 1000-watt Tungsten


Indoor/Outdoor timer.

UL Listed

12.5 amps/120 Volts Max/1500 Watts Tungsten

Tested to comply with FCC standards.

For home or office use.


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