PowerDock Portable Solar System

PowerDock Portable Solar System
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Product Description


PowerDock has been designed to bridge the gap between home recharging and vehicle recharging. PowerDock is a portable low voltage source for not only storing energy but generating it as well! Operate your equipment day or night and recharge PowerDock by simply leaving it in the sun for a few hours! Your energy is generated free of charge - no utility power.

Advantages: 15 watt (peak) solar photovoltiac module with blocking diode protections. Impact resistant, hermetically sealed solar cells embedded in a thermally stabilized fiberglass base. Array is warranted to operate over 10 years. Sealed lead acid batteries producing up to 9.2 amp/hours of 12 volt power. Batteries can be easily replaced when their useful life has ended - 3 to 5 years depending on use. Approximately 7 hours of full summer sunlight is necessary to recharge the batteries. Power meter indicates the charge level remaining in the batteries. The unit is easily controlled with it's own on/off button and indictor light. Two automotive cigarette lighter receptacles allow various devices to be opertaed. Unit includes 8 amp replaceable automotive fuse. A versatile canvas jacket allows PowerDock to be mounted in positions maximizing the incidence of radiation from the sun. Jacket is designed to hold laptop, cell phone and accessories. A 120 VAC battery charger is included in case you have two or three cloudy days in a row.


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