RV Hose Master

RV Hose Master
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Product Description

Hose Master

The HoseMaster: Retracting and Storing Your Water Hose Has Never Been Easier - Just Push A Button!

Tired of wrestling that uncooperative hose? Let the HoseMaster handle it for you. Manually pull out as much hose as necessary for the job, and when you’re ready to depart, simply push the button and the hose retracts!

Eliminates Mess - If you’ve ever tried to coil up a hose after use, you know how often you get wet and messy. Those days are gone - just push the button and watch the HoseMaster store your hose automatically.

No “Tug-Of-War” Feeling - With spring loaded reels you constantly feel as if you’re playing tug-of-war with the reel during manual pay out. The HoseMaster has eliminated that feeling with the easiest pay out force available.

Fits Virtually Anywhere - The HoseMaster’s compact design allows it to be installed in most storage bays and it weighs considerably less than the competition.

Adjustable Hose Guide - The adjustable hose guide gives you greater flexibility during installation. This feature allows the unit to be mounted in a variety of positions and lets you decide where the hose exits.

Specifications:Hose Length 35’ Current 3 amps Water Connection 1/2” NPT Hose Type IAMPO Approved


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