1 Gallon TST RV Holding Tank Chemical

1 Gallon TST RV Holding Tank Chemical
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1 Gallon TST Holding Tank Chemical

Begin using TST today. No need to clean other products out of holding tank first! TST - all purpose toilet chemical. Freshen, clean and lubricate your holding tanks - both grey and black water systems - with the first complete RV waste holding tank freshener, cleaner and lubricant. TST is the first safe waste holding tank freshener combined with the strength of a remarkable concentrated cleaner and lubricant. TST is 100% biodegradeable and safe for the environment. Coconut oil soap cleans the system with an agitating action - thus cleaning waste off the tank walls - and coconut oil lubrications keeps it off! The coconut oil soap also lubricates valves and seals to prolong equipment life while it prevents sending units from misreading. Economical because it's concentrated: use only 2 oz. per 10 gallons of tank capacity. Works longer per application than other brands! For use in RV's and boats. Safe for septic tanks. Does not contain poisonous formaldehyde or blue staining dye. Fresh clean fragrance.

Dimensions Weight: 10 lbs.


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