4 1/2" RV Water Heater Atwood Anode Rod 11553

4 1/2" RV Water Heater Atwood Anode Rod 11553
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Product Description

4 1/2" Atwood Anode Rod It is time to get your Camper ready for summer camping season and many of you will need a new anode rod for your water heater in your camper or rv.. Water Heater Anode Rod; For Atwood Water Heaters; 4-1/2 Inch Length x 0.5 Inch Diameter x 1/2 Inch NPT; Magnesium; Without Drain; With English/ French Language Packaging

Anode rods preserve the life of water heaters by corroding themselves so the water heater doesn't. Simply replace the 1/2" or 3/4" pipe thread drain plug with the anode rod to protect the tank. The magnesium RV water heater 4 1/2" anode rod fits Atwood water heaters.


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