Super Concentrated Sensor Cleaner

Super Concentrated Sensor Cleaner
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Product Description

Sensor Power Pint

Super Concentrated Sensor Cleaner

Sensor Power can best be described as a specially formulated bacterial-enzyme solution that is 20 times more concentrated than any of our other formulas. This product is designed to restore sensor function in older holding tanks where extreme and long-term build-up has caused chronic sensor or level gauge malfunction, or in newer tanks where chemical use has caused premature build-up. Sensor Power will safely and effectively clean sensors, tank walls, valves, and piping in any holding tank.

Advantages: Removes all waste, tissue, grease, and soap scum build-up. Will withstand heavy exposure to harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde. Eliminates odors. Works in black and grey tanks. Beneficial to septic systems. Works even while vehicle is stationary. Environmentally friendly formula. How Sensor Power works:

Bacteria are the key to success. Most level gauge cleaners consist of some combination of enzymes and detergents or soaps. As a non-living, natural chemical compound, enzymes have a limited effectiveness as a waste digester and cleaner. Bacteria, on the other hand, are living organisms capable of rapidly reproducing themselves as well as vast numbers of enzymes. Bacteria are absolutely essential in order to achieve the complete breakdown of organic waste.

Bacteria and toxic holding tank chemicals. Many of the available holding tank treatments contain toxic chemicals that have the potential to kill bacteria, with formaldehyde being the most prevalent of these chemicals. It is for this reason that Sensor Power is formulated at such high concentration levels. This ensures that sufficient numbers of bacteria will survive the "chemical peel" process that often occurs as heavy build-up breaks down and mixes with the bacteria.

Avoiding sensor problems in the future. The best way to avoid sensor problems is to use a bacterial-enzyme waste digester as your regular holding tank additive. This will prevent the build-up that is the cause of most sensor problems.


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