50 AMP Y Style Adapter

50 AMP Y Style Adapter
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Product Description

50 AMP Y Style Adapter

The Lectra Shield Power Line Monitor with Surge Protection is the only device on the market that deals specifically with the problems of high and low voltage for AC units without completely cutting off power to your RV. It is different from any power line monitor alone. Some power line monitors have either single or multi-mode (dual mode) surge protection. Lectra Shield has the same industrial grade three mode surge protection as it does in all other Lectra Shield RV surge protectors.


Automatic reset - will never shut off power. 3-mode protection; hot, neutral and ground. LED shows surge protection is working. Response time is 1 nanosecond. RFI/EMI noise filtering. 420 Joules, starts clamping at 130 volts. Built in USA using al UL approved components.


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