25' Shocking Orange Extension Cord

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Product Description

25' Shocking Orange Extension Cord

Our professional multi-color cords provide easy job site identification in crowded working conditions. Our high visibility CENFLEX™ PVC bold color combinations help contractors and industrial users by reducing safety hazards and job site theft. Molded-on plugs and connectors resist breaking or pulling off.

These are the fastest moving extension cords in the country. The cords literally fly off the shelves because of their special high visibility "Pro Glo" jackets. This Shocking Orange colored cord comes with a bright circuit testing neon lamp molded within each connector. They'll indicate when there's power in the cord.

Each cord features: 100% Soft drawn, annealed, bunch stranded copper conductors for maximum flexibility. Exclusive Pro Glo high visibility jacket can be seen for miles. Made with - 40 Cold Weather compound for jacket flexibility in temperature below freezing. They use a water resistant jacket and insulation for added protection against moisture. Manufactured with a FT2 flame resistant jacket that meets OSHA standards. Heavy duty molded on 15A-125V plugs and connectors. Big 5/8" strain relieves in back of the ends help prevent pulling away. Special 15,000 hour neon lamp is placed inside each female connector and is lit when the power is on. Meets OSHA requirements for 3 conductor grounded extension cords. (UL) Listed, (cUL) approved for Canada, Made in China.


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