50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
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Product Description

50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch No longer available.

Automatic: No manual switching required.

Switches power from shoreline to generator simply by starting the generator.

Generator switching delay, averaging to 20 seconds, to allow generator to stabilize before conneciton to load.

Generator command with DC coils for voltage stability under low line voltage conditions.

UL listed: Quality components ensure reliable, smooth power transfer performance.

Versatile: Installation applications allow for both 30 and 50 amp service. 70 amp neutral capability is available for "In-Phase" generators with the (supplied and installed) jumpers installed

Field replaceable bridge rectifier socket and plug assembly.

Metal chassis provides unmatched safety and long term protection for power service selection.

Not ignition protected.

Listed for US and Canadian applications.


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