30 Amp Parallax RV Auto Transfer Switch

30 Amp Parallax RV Auto Transfer Switch
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Product Description

30 Amp Auto Transfer Switch

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Total safety and convenience for power line transfer.

The automatic transfer switch - "A.T.S." - provides unmatched safety and convenience for power service selection.

A.T.S. automatically switches from shoreline to generator with a simple flick of the generator switch. No unplugging from shoreline receptacle and re-plugging into generator needed. Eliminated is the inconvenience of manually handling the bulky shoreline cord, which is especially dangerous in storm-related conditions.

Quality components ensure reliable, smooth power transfer performance.

Not ignition protected, generator command.

UL listed. CSA certified.

120 volt, 30 amp automatic generator / shoreline transfer switch.

Auto transfer switch used for 6300 series converters & Model 80 fuse panel.


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